Affordable Care Act

ASA Statement of Principles Regarding the ACA

As one of the most consequential pieces of legislation in decades, the Affordable Care Act aims to give workers greater access to increased health coverages at prices that are more competitive than they were before. This gives employees more control over their own work life while also increasing how competitive the workforce of the U.S. can be.

Implementing the ACA created some new challenges for staffing, recruiting and workforce solutions firms. However, our industry still remains committed to full compliance with the law. To achieve this, ASA members commit to the following principles:

  1. We will comply with the law, both in letter and in spirit, and are committed to the legal and ethical management of our workforces pursuant to its provisions.
  2. We will use our expertise and experience to help clients address the new demands of the law and understand the nature and extent of the additional staffing costs they will incur.
  3. We will work diligently to help our clients implement legitimate workforce strategies and will not participate in practices that violate the law’s intent.
  4. We will communicate to our employees both their new opportunities and their new obligations under the employer and individual mandates.
  5. We will continue to work with the government and other stakeholders as a proactive, constructive partner as the regulatory process moves forward.

Performance Personnel is recognized as a company that takes its ethics seriously and that operates in compliance with all federal, state, and industry regulations. Our goal is always to adopt the best practices and to find ways to give our employees access to the myriad of resources that can improve their lives that a company devoted to its employees should offer, all while remaining within the boundaries of regulatory demands.