Direct Hire Services

Performance Direct Hire Services

Performance Personnel knows that finding the right talent for your open position can be a difficult process, even though it’s vital to the growth of your company. This is one of the main reasons that Performance Personnel partners with local businesses to ensure we can offer specialized solutions that partner them with the best candidates available in the local market.

As a core part of our business, our experience in recruitment allows us to source, screen, assess and hire talent faster and more efficiently than other staffing agencies. Performance Personnel’s staffing professionals not only serve as an extension of our employer clients HR departments but also forge long-term partnerships through a consultative approach.

Performance Personnel strives to offer relief to the labor-intensive recruiting, interviewing and screening process required to find the top talent for your position. Employer clients who partner with our organization have access to a pool of both active and passive candidates that are looking for potential opportunities that align with their career goals.

The success of our organization is intertwined with yours. For this reason, we are determined to provide the service and experience you expect the first time instead of providing multiple solutions that don’t work before getting it right. Our staffing professionals have decades of experience in their dedicated markets and have been relied upon by some of the finest companies for many years.

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