Hiring Process - Employers

Performance Hiring Process

Performance Personnel is committed to giving each of our employer clients exceptional service while fulfilling their staffing needs to achieve the best outcome possible. To ensure the process goes smoothly, we have outlined our hiring procedures to give employers an idea of what to expect during the process.

Step 1: Placing an Order for Staffing Services

Once an employer client places an order for staffing services, a staffing professional from Performance Personnel will visit the location to tour the facilities and discuss any job requirements that may need to be fulfilled. During this visit, Performance Personnel will confirm several factors of the job including the functions that need to be provided, compensation ranges and the schedule required for the position. After these factors are accounted for, we will also determine hiring and onboarding needs, drug screening requirements and additional skills assessments that may be needed.

Step 2: Service Agreement

Once Performance Personnel has outlined the scope of the staffing services that are required to find your candidate, you will receive a service agreement that outlines the terms and conditions required to work with Performance Personnel. Once this service agreement has been accepted and returned, Performance Personnel will provide the employer with Certificates of Insurance.

Step 3: Applicant Screening Process

Performance Personnel will actively work to identify and recruit candidates that meet the specific skills and requirements outlined for your job. Once a candidate completes the screening process, including an in-person interview, skills testing, background screening and education and references verification, we will send their resume to the employer for review.

Once the candidate has been reviewed by the employer, Performance Personnel will follow up with the employer to discuss the candidates presented and schedule preliminary interviews. The interviews can either be scheduled at the employer’s facilities or in a private interview room at Performance Personnel’s offices.

When the right candidate has been identified, Performance Personnel will present an approved job offer to the candidate. As an additional service, Performance Personnel can assist the employer with the on-boarding process to prepare the employee for his or her first day on the job. This can include a complete review of the employee handbook or any required safety training.

Step 4: Employee’s First Day

One the first official day of employment, Performance Personnel will call the employee one hour prior to their start time to ensure they are on their way to report for work. Additionally, a staffing professional will call the employer to ensure that the employee has reported for their first official day on the job.

On the second day, a staffing professional will follow up to learn how well the employee is assimilating. If required, we can help with any counseling or additional training that the employee may need. Performance Personnel will contact the supervisor of the employee for weekly reviews to ensure the staffing placement is working as intended.

Step 5: Weekly Employee Time Sheets

Performance Personnel has the ability to provide completely paperless timekeeping services. Through our online portal, supervisors can approve individual timesheets or create group timesheets easily. Traditional paper sheets are also available for download on the Performance Personnel website and custom timesheets can be created to meet an employer’s needs. The Performance Personnel accounting department will contact the client’s accounting department to set up a payment process. To ensure disbursement is successful, timesheets are due each Monday at 5 pm.