Payrolling Service

Performance Payrolling Service

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to mitigate risk and simultaneously reduce the administrative burdens associated with the hiring and onboarding of new employees, Performance Personnel’s Payrolling Service was created with you in mind.

Performance Personnel can serve as the employer of record for your business to ensure operations continue to run at peak performance at all time. As you manage your workforce, our team will actively work to manage timekeeping, payroll, taxes, worker’s compensation, benefits, unemployment claims and administrative duties for your employees.

Through our flexible and affordable payrolling service, companies are able to offset costs associated with hiring new staff while also finding candidates that offer specialized services based on the labor needs of the business. Serving Tampa, St. Petersburg, and all surrounding areas, we have the resources to provide payrolling services statewide.

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We have not been happier using a staffing company. Performance Personnel always answers their phones to help address our questions. The good thing is that we rarely need to contact them, their services are always buttoned up extremely tight

- N.T.

Performance Personnel has been a great partner for our business. It is true that a business is only as good as its employees and Performance Personnel has provided reliable, motivated employees over and over again.

- L.F.

It is a rarer thing to find a company that provides stellar customer service these days, but Performance Personnel is old school like that. The Performance team goes above and beyond to listen to our needs and to provide applicable, appropriate solutions.

- J.A.

Thank you to Performance Personnel. I am not sure when these guys sleep, but it is a luxury to find a team that is so accessible and ready to jump on any challenge.

- E.E.