American Staffing Association

Performance Staffing Professionals

As a company, we set out to deliver the highest performing professionals possible to the ever-changing business landscape of Tampa and surrounding areas, leading us to settle on the name Performance Personnel.

To ensure consistent results at all times, Performance Personnel ensures our staffing professionals have the continuing education needed to succeed and require all staff members to achieve the Certified Staffing Professional (CSP) certification from the American Staffing Association (ASA).

ASA certification programs feature an in-depth, content-focused dedication to learning federal and state employment and labor laws. ASA certification is considered the premier credential for staffing professionals and will often certify their experience to work with both employees and businesses while maintaining federal and state laws and regulations.

By investing in this certification, Performance Personnel has set our organization apart from many of the other staffing firms across the country. Currently, only 5% of staffing professionals hold CSP certification through ASA in the United States. Our staffing professionals are trained to protect the interests of our business partners and employees.

We are proud to make this investment in our employees and demonstrate why Performance Personnel is a cut above the rest and Florida’s premier staffing agency.