Possible Solutions for Meeting Headcount Goals

Exploring Wage Analysis Benefits as a Possible Solution for Meeting Headcounts

Businesses need to ensure they have the appropriate number of employees to ensure they meet productivity goals and achieve organizational goals. However, more and more companies find it challenging to meet headcounts and fill vital positions in countless industries. While this may lead to increased overtime or squeezing markups, this is a tedious process that often will not fulfill overarching needs. Despite there being many distinct factors that could contribute to the inability to meet headcounts, employee pay and benefits packages are often at the top of the list.


Focusing on finding and retaining top talent that contributes to productivity is essential for meeting headcounts. However, paying a competitive market wage is often one of the first things that can directly impact an employee's ability to entice these job seekers or create a relationship with current employees that makes them want to stay long-term. For this reason, a competitive wage analysis is often considered a crucial tactic that employers should utilize. This approach helps create clear value for employees and gives them the motivation to achieve higher goals. But what other ways might a comprehensive wage analysis improve headcounts for a business?

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How Does Wage Analysis Improve Headcounts?

Businesses are continually evolving and growing. Unfortunately, as the company begins to make an enormous profit, the employees helping make it happen are often left behind, resulting in non-competitive wages and high employee turnover levels that further affect headcounts. A wage analysis is a comprehensive look into the current wages and benefits programs within a business for an individual position type compared to industry, local or national standards. As you might imagine, the results of a wage analysis can help determine if current salary packages and benefits are drawing in top talent or directly contributing to low headcounts.

Many modern businesses have emphasized maintaining a consistent workforce and eliminating unnecessary churn. Unfortunately, many of these same businesses focus on recruiting employees that may not be the right fit to fill a temporary need. Instead of focusing solely on headcounts in the short-term, finding a highly-qualified candidate and offering them a generous salary package can create a long-term partnership that benefits both parties. Only once a competitive wage analysis is completed can employers ensure that they attract top talent and offer them a fair salary package. This actively reduces employee turnover and creates a reliable workforce that further improves productivity and efficiency.

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Understanding the right market wage for labor and paying employees fairly is no longer optional in the modern job market. Taking the bold step to ensure you are offering a competitive salary to potential employees and increasing the wages of existing employees is one of the key benefits afforded by a comprehensive wage analysis. While this may seem like a daunting task for many employers, it does not have to be. Performance Personnel makes finding the right salary package easy while improving headcounts through our performance based staffing services.

Exploring Targeted Recruitment and Retention Programs as a Possible Solution for Meeting Headcounts

Finding and actively targeting top talent is crucial for any business that wants to continue to build upon its success and meet designated headcounts. With a targeted recruitment and retention program in place, many businesses have the unique ability to source employees that fit into a specific niche or possess skills that may be useful for hard-to-fill positions. By maintaining this focus, only individuals that fit the position’s requirements will be considered for employment.

Targeted recruitment is often used to help narrow down advertising efforts on a skills-based or geographic level. However, for this approach to support the goal of meeting headcounts, the business has to know what they are looking for in an ideal employee and thoroughly research a candidate to ensure they actually will make a positive impact long-term. But what other potential benefits could be achieved by implementing a well-crafted, targeted recruitment and retention program to meet headcounts?

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How Can a Targeted Recruitment and Retention Program Help Meet Headcounts?

When a business focuses on a targeted recruitment and retention program, numerous benefits can be achieved with minimal continued effort. In the beginning, these types of programs will ensure that the business is seen as a leader in their own local or regional area among potential job seekers. If the target message is also compelling, it is easy to see why this approach can help meet headcounts by enticing a steady stream of potential job candidates. With this strategy available, businesses can start to prepare for future job openings before they are even available or created.

Targeted recruitment strategies often also provide the benefit of making “hard-to-fill” positions easier to hire for. This occurs because the organization knows exactly what skills and experience should be required for the job; however, the real benefit is that any applications or candidates obtained can be immediately compared to determine if they are the right fit. Ultimately, this approach helps meet headcounts because the applications are more likely to exceed minimum requirements and will lead to long-term job placement for most candidates.

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Once headcounts are met and the right employees have been hired, businesses will need to ensure that they have a solid employee retention program so that top talent doesn’t seek employment elsewhere. In many cases, even a basic employee retention program can improve the ability to source and maintain top talent without losing them to other employers that may be trying to lure them with more money or benefits. Businesses that worry about slowing churn need to ensure their retention program is as solid as it can possibly be.

Although creating new employee retention and targeted recruitment strategies takes time, the benefits can be immense. Remember to align your plans with your existing company culture for the most impact and don’t forget to continue building relationships with employees after they sign a contract. Through Performance Personnel’s Performance Based Staffing services, companies can ensure that their headcounts are being met through well-crafted and implemented targeted recruitment strategies.

Exploring Pre-Screening as a Possible Solution for Meeting Headcounts

The pre-screening process evaluates the qualities of a candidate before interviewing them. Companies use this process to save time, money, and resources during the recruitment process. It works by evaluating candidates' applications, cover letters, skills, and experiences to ensure they are trustworthy, qualified, and reliable before moving to phone calls, video interviews, or in-person interviews.

Before implementing a pre-screening process in your company, it is vital to learn and understand any pre-screening laws that might be present in your state. These laws are often required in specific industries and help businesses protect the applicants' privacy. Pre-screening processes are not protected against anti-discrimination laws, which means that companies can only use the information learned on a pre-screening process to determine a candidate's qualifications, reliability, experience, and trustworthiness.

Implementing a pre-screening process in your company can ensure the hiring of better candidates and meet headcount requirements.

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How can Pre-Screening Help with Meeting Headcount?

Hiring the right people takes time. A pre-screening process can help narrow this time by automating resume and employment applications evaluations. Companies that use this type of automation do not have to worry about meeting with underqualified candidates. Instead, they will only focus their time on candidates that are the right fit for the job. But the process is not only about saving time; it can also improve hiring outcomes.

Without pre-screening, companies fall on an ongoing cycle of hiring under-qualified people who cannot stay with the company long-term, meaning more hiring is needed, and the headcount quota is never fully met. Additionally, effective hiring is very time-expensive, and managers are often pressured to fill jobs quickly based on the market demand. Without a proper process that ensures headcount quotas are being met consistently, the company will lose money due to high turnover rates and unproductive hours of going through un-qualified applications.

Even if it takes time, the benefit of implementing a pre-screening process is worth it. The process makes hiring faster and ensures only qualified applicants who are trustworthy and long-term assets for the company are hired. This also maintains a steady headcount. You would only have to worry about hitting if something out of the ordinary happens or other internal problems lead to a steady drop in employment levels.

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Pre-screening can only focus on skills, work experience, or qualifications alone. A company must not use qualifications to discriminate against a candidate and must follow all pre-screening state laws. Performance Personnel is focused on providing the best staffing experience possible. Our performance based staffing help fulfill employees' needs and ensure they get the best candidates.

Through our unique system, employers can take a hands-off approach. We manage the workforce, limit turnover, and ensure that the best candidates possible fill vacancies that may be available. That means that our clients can focus on providing the best products and services possible. No matter what a clients' needs may be, our team is sure to have the right fit to meet their required headcounts.

Pre-Employment Evaluations as a Possible Solution for Meeting Headcount

Implementing pre-employment evaluations into the hiring process will give any organization the security and benefit of hiring trustworthy personnel with valuable skills for the company. This test reveals and filters candidates’ data so that hiring managers can make an informed and secure decision when recommending a new member to the organization. The designing and implementation of pre-employment evaluations help speed up any hiring process while saving organizations time, money, and resources that can be directed elsewhere.

Although pre-employment evaluations are valuable for gaining insight about a candidate, how can they help meet an organization’s headcount? Finding and retaining valuable talent is often an extensive and exhaustive process, often rushed for the need of meeting headcount. Hiring managers are overwhelmed with the importance of this task, sometimes sacrificing employee quality which increases turnover, creating a never-ending process.

Investing in pre-employment evaluations leads to greater certainty in choosing employees who will last long-term and grow within the company. In addition, these evaluations can be designed to filter out candidates who do not meet requirements, speeding up the hiring process and ensuring quality decisions.

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How To Hit Headcount with Pre-Employment Evaluations?

The modern job market heavily relies on pre-employment evaluations to find and retain top talent. With the numerous benefits that implementing these evaluations brings to an organization, meeting headcounts frequently ranks among the most positive ones. Pre-employment evaluations can be used to find the right candidate for any position thanks to the wide variety of testing that are available to be implemented. In most cases, these hiring techniques speed up the process and give hiring managers a rest from continuously striving to meet headcount requirements.

Pre-employment evaluation maintains quality standards and eliminates the chances of employing the wrong candidate. The data gathered from these evaluations informs hiring managers of relevant characteristics to consider when studying an application and increases the quality of interviews. A company that runs pre-employment evaluations rules out any not-serious applicant, allowing top talent interested in long-term employment to shine.

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Organizations often customize their hiring process to identify the strengths and reliability of all candidates. Pre-employment evaluations allow access to this data and identify the top talent available at that time. They often incorporate job knowledge tests, cognitive abilities tests, personality tests, physical ability tests, and much more. Any organization that implements pre-employment evaluation on their hiring process must comply with all non-discriminatory federal and state laws.

A quick process that guarantees quality employees looking for long-term employment is a hiring manager’s best friend to meet headcount quickly and permanently. Although implementing and designing this process for organization-specific needs might take time and effort when done in-house, Certified Sources provides these quality services to any of their clients. Our Performance Based Staffing services help fulfill an employer’s need to ensure they get the best candidates available. Through our unique system, employers can take a hands-off approach while managing the workforce, meeting headcounts, and reducing turnover. No matter what an employer’s needs may be, our team is sure to fulfill them.